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Travel Information


  • Cruise online check in

  • Most Cruise companies have an On Line Check in facility. Please Logon to the relevant cruise line website and complete the online registration 72 hours prior to arriving at the pier for embarkation. Please use the cruise reference which you can usually find on your Travelmood invoice.

    Here are useful links for some of the cruising companies that allow you to do Online Check-in.

    Royal Caribbean: https://secure.royalcaribbean.co.uk
    Celebrity cruises: https://secure.celebritycruises.com
    Norwegian Cruise Lines: https://checkin.ncl.com
    Princess cruises: https://book.princess.com
    MSC Cruises: http://www.msccruises.ie
    Costa Cruised: http://www.costacruises.co.uk
    Crystal Cruises: https://checkin.crystalcruises.com/

  • When will I receive my Travel Documents? What are my Ticket Delivery Options?

  • AYour documents will be emailed to the address in your booking 14-21 days prior to your departure date. If you book through a Travel Agent your package will be emailed to your travel agent to forward to you personally. If you wish to collect documents or require a hard copy please email packaging@travelmood.ie with your request.

    It may be necessary in some instances to send Hard Copy documents by post, if this is the case they will be sent 14-21 days prior to travel.

    Please note with most cruise companies, luggage labels for the cruise need to be picked up at the pier prior to embarkation.

    Note: We endeavor to have your holiday tickets and itinerary to you a minimum of 14 days prior to departure. During peak season however, it is appreciated that some delays may be inevitable due to the large volume of bookings which have to be packaged.

  • Do I need travel insurance?

  • All clients traveling on package holidays must have travel insurance. We recommend that all clients purchase insurance at the time of booking. Please remember that insurance policies contain various age restrictions. We recommend you read a sample policy before purchasing it.

  • What is not included in my holiday price?

  • Tourist tax: Some destination make a charge on every visiting tourist. This charge has to be paid by each person, either to the hotelier or at the local airport on arrival or departure. (Because such charges are being continually introduced and the amount varies by destination, it is not possible to list here how much you can expect to pay).

    Tourist card and other taxes payable at your destination Airport: Most countries featured in our program charge a departure tax which is payable locally at the airport. It is recommended you keep sufficient currency to pay these local taxes.

  • What if I need to Cancel / change or add to my Holiday Booking?

  • Please see our Terms and Conditions for information on cancelling or changing your reservation. In order to amend or cancel your holiday, please notify our aftersales department in writing: amendments@shgi.ie

    Please note a minimum admin fee applies for changes made.
    Cruises and 3rd party suppliers incur additional charges to the Travelmood Terms and Conditions.

  • Can I make a special request for my accommodation?

  • Yes, special requests such as low floor, non-smoking rooms, King bed in room etc can be made and should be requested at the time of booking. Requests such as Pool view, sea view, kitchenette, rollaway beds, fridge, pool heating, extra beds in room and upgraded room types may incur additional charges and need to be submitted in writing by email to amendments@shgi.ie. It is important to remember free special requests will never be guaranteed by the hotel and are just a request.

  • I have special needs requirements, is there anything I need to do before booking?

  • If you have any special needs requirements you should advise us at the time of booking. You must complete a special needs form which can be requested by emailing info@shgi.ie. Villa’s and town homes are mostly privately owned and therefore usually not adapted adequately for a person with special needs

  • Do age restrictions apply to my holiday?

  • Yes age restrictions can apply to some aspects of your holiday.

    Carhire: If you are hiring a car, to avoid an additional charge the primary renter of the vehicle must be at least 25 years of age; however the minimum age to rent a vehicle is 21. People under 25 years of age will incur additional daily charges.

    Insurance: Insurance policies do contain various age restrictions. We recommend you make specific enquiries in this regard before purchasing it.

    Cruising: Cruising companies can have minimum child age restrictions. These age restrictions can apply to particular cruises where infants must be of a certain age to travel on a cruise. Minimum age restrictions also apply where families are sharing multiple cabins as children cannot be left unattended.

    Infants sailing on a cruise must be at least 6 months old as of the first day of the cruise. However for transatlantic, transpacific, Hawaii, select South American and other selected cruises the infant must be at least 12 months old as of the first day of the cruise. For voyages that have 3 or more consecutive days at sea, the infant must be at least 12 months old at time of sailing. Guests travelling with a young infant that does not meet the infant policy will be denied boarding. No refunds or other compensation shall be due from the cruise line to anyone as a result of the denial of boarding to an underage infant or other accompanying guests.

    Note on child ages: A minor is defined as an individual less than 18 years of age at the time of embarkation. A young adult is defined as an individual between the ages of 18 and 20. A cruise passenger under 21 years of age must be accompanied in the same or connecting stateroom by a passenger 21 years of age or older at the time of embarkation.

    For passengers under the age of 18 traveling with an accompanying adult, who is not the minor's parent or legal guardian, a Parent/Guardian Consent & Release Form that authorises the minor's travel and further authorises medical treatment in case of an emergency must be delivered to the Cruise Line representative at the pier during check-in. Failure to produce this letter at embarkation may result in boarding being denied, with no refund of cruise fare provided.

    Note: Two people under the age of 21 may travel together in the same stateroom if they are a married couple and provide proof of marriage to the Cruise Line representative at the pier before embarkation.

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Travel Advice

  • Health Issues

  • Check with your doctor if you have any health concerns in advance of your trip.

  • Deep vein thrombosis

  • The chance of deep vein thrombosis occurring while travelling by air is extremely low. That said, there are a number of precautions you can take to further reduce the risk.

    Deep vein thrombosis can occur as a result of prolonged immobility during travel. This occurs when a blood clot forms, usually in the lower leg. This is a serious medical condition and needs treatment with blood thinning drugs or anticoagulants to prevent clots breaking off and travelling to the lungs causing significant illness and, on very rare occasions, death.

    Certain people are more at risk than other such as those with a history of thrombosis, those taking an oral contraceptive pill or who are pregnant, those recently hospitalised, smokers, the obese, some patients with congestive heart failure and people with malignant disease. Dehydration may exacerbate the problem.

    To reduce the risk, periodic exercising of the feet and legs, or walking around where feasible, is advised. Elastic stockings may be helpful. Drink plenty of non-alcoholic liquids to prevent dehydration. Those who are believed to be particularly prone are advised to obtain medical advice before embarking on their journey.

  • Personal Safety When Abroad

  • As at home, there is always a risk of becoming a victim of crime wherever you travel in the world. Take sensible precautions, especially when walking around at night and try to avoid carrying valuables.

    One of the major appeals of travel is experiencing a different culture/way of life, however this can expose you to different hygiene and safety standards than you are used to.

    To visit some countries you may need certain inoculations. Please consult your doctor before travel.

  • Weather

  • It’s always advisable to check the weather forecast in your destination country/region in advance of travel. Certain regions are prone to adverse weather conditions at different times of the year for example, the hurricane season runs from 1 June to the 30 November every year and may affect American States (particularly Florida) and the Caribbean.

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  • What are my Visa requirements?

  • Worldwide destinations can require you to have a visa Our staff will always be able to assist with Visa advice. If your nationality is anything other than Irish or British, then it is really important for you to make us aware so we can guide you correctly. A useful guide on Visa requirements for the country you are traveling to is available on http://www.iatatravelcentre.com/

  • Australian Visas

  • All visitors entering Australia, other than Australian and New Zealand citizens, require a visa or approval to travel and enter Australia.

    Such approval has been simplified by The Australian Government by developing the Electronic Travel Authority System (ETAS). Application forms are not required for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) and, being electronic, there is no physical evidence of an ETA.

    It is only possible to verify an ETA electronically. Please note - Working Holiday Visas or Work Permits cannot be issued in this manner.

    There are 3 types of ETA's which Travelmood has been authorised to issue for you:


    This is valid for 12 months from date of issue with multiple stays of 3 months each.

    Business Long

    This is valid for use for the life of the passport (up to 10 years), and for multiple stays of 3 months each. An additional fee is payable to The Australian Immigration Authority of A $70 by MasterCard or Visa credit card when your ETA is processed. Please ensure your method of payment is by one of these cards.

    Business Short

    This is valid for use for up to 12 months with a single stay of 3 months. This is only for USA & Canadian citizens. In each case, Travelmood makes an administration charge per ETA issued.

    Important: You may be refused entry to Australia if you’re not in good health or have criminal convictions. In these circumstances please contact the Australian consulate.

    Working Holiday Visa

    Working holiday visas are a hugely popular and great way to visit the country. The Australian Working Holiday Visa is available to Irish & UK passport holders between the ages of 18 and 30 years.

  • Are there any requirements for travel within or via the USA and Canada?

  • The ESTA Visa Waiver Program (VWP) must be completed outside 72 hours of traveling to the United States of America for holidays or business for a maximum period of 90 days.

    Irish/UK citizens who are eligible must complete the Visa Waiver Program. To check which countries participate in the Visa Waiver program visit https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/ If you do not hold an Irish/UK passport or are a British Subject, you must check the applicable passport and visa requirements with the US embassy.

    Not everyone is eligible by law to enter the US using the VWP and you should check with the US Embassy for details of these categories before you purchase your holiday.

    Here is a useful link for other destination visa requirements: www.iatatravelcentre.com

  • What is an ESTA?

  • ESTA issues travelers to the US with electronic authorization to travel visa-free for a stay not longer than 90 days to the USA. Nationals of the Visa Waiver Program are eligible to travel without a visa, however they must obtain a pre approved travel authorization (ESTA) prior to visiting the United States.

    Visitors who do not receive this travel authorisation prior to their departure may be denied flight boarding, experience delays or be denied admission into the United States completely. Applications must be completed no less than 72 hours prior to travel or anytime before.

    Please click here http://www.americanholidays.com/esta for full information on ESTA. Please click here https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/ to access and complete your ESTA form.

  • What are the general Passport requirements?

  • You require a 10 year passport with a minimum validity of 6 months after your travel is complete. You must hold a “Machine Readable Passports” (MRP).

    Irish/UK citizens require an individual Machine Readable Passport, including children and infants. If any person who is a citizen of a VWP (i.e. an Irish/UK citizen holder of passports) does not have an MRP, then they should check with the relevant embassy of the destination they are traveling to.

    The United States has an agreement with Ireland that allows you to enter on a current Irish passport up to the actual date of expiration. An Irish passport need only be valid for the duration of the holders stay in the United States only.

    Please note that Passports take between at least 4-6 weeks to secure, so applications for passports, including applications to exchange a non-MRP for a MRP should be made well in advance.

    Please remember it is imperative you book your Air ticket in the same first and surname as appears on your passport (Secure flight passenger data which is information such as middle names and date of birth are advised at time of booking but do not need to appear on the airline ticket). This SFPD information is simply passed to the airline on your behalf. When booking for friends or family please ensure you have a copy of their passport on front of you. Failing to book your air ticket in your passport name can incur heavy ticket change fees, purchasing of a new ticket altogether or even refusal onto your flight.

    Passengers, who have previously been refused a US visa, should contact the US embassy. Those intending to re-enter during their vacation i.e. on a coach tour into Canada or cruising in the Caribbean or Mexico should ensure on doing Immigration that Multiple Entry is stamped on their passport.

  • What is Secure Flight Passenger data?

  • Secure flight passenger data (SFPD) is a requirement to enter destinations like the Caribbean, Cuba, Mexico US and must be advised at time of booking or immediately afterwards.

    The information required for each passenger traveling is:

    • Exact Date of Birth and
    • Full passport name (including middle names/ initial if applicable)

    Note: Failure to provide us with this information may incur a fine or passengers could be refused entry to the US. The airline may also reserve the right to cancel any reservations without these details.

    Please call us on Dublin 01 4331050 or Belfast 02890 511860 if you have not already provided this information to us.

  • Where do I find information on Passenger Rights and Legislation?

  • Much of this information can be located in two documents. First is the Montreal Convention. It is a treaty, adopted by the United Nations’ International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in 1999 that defines the liability of airlines in cases of accidents, injuries and loss of baggage.

    In Europe additional legislation exists in the form of the European Commission Regulation on Denied Boarding, Cancellations and Delays.

  • Where do I Pre Clear my flight?

  • For most worldwide destinations immigration is done upon arrival.

    Dublin Terminal 2 and Shannon Airport now offer the new United States Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) facility. This allows passengers traveling to the USA to undertake all immigration, customs and agriculture inspections prior to departure.

    Having cleared USCBP, passengers arriving in the US are treated as domestic arrivals, which allows for a faster processing through their arrival airport in the United States including the checking through of any baggage to the final destination. Your arrival in the USA will be effortless and seamless when you use Dublin Airport Terminal 2 or Shannon Airport.

    Note: Flight exceptions to the above are as follows: Flights via all UK airports, flights departing Dublin Airport Terminal 2 on or after 2 pm and flights departing from Terminal 1 from Dublin Airport.

    Canada pre clearance: Air Transat and Air Canada check in at Terminal 1 Dublin Airport. Pre Clearance will be cleared at the first point of entry in Canada.

    Note: Please remember if you plan to cross the border to visit the USA you are reminded that you must comply with the ESTA Visa Waiver Program regulations and complete the application.

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Flying Information

  • What deposit will I have to pay?

  • Our standard holiday booking deposit is €190.00 per person. This may vary if your holiday involves instant purchase air fares, a cruise or touring components. The deposit amount will be advised to you at your quotation & booking stage. Deposits are non refundable.

  • What is ATOL Protection?

  • ATOL protection applies to virtually any overseas air holiday booked with a Northern Ireland Travel company. The law says your holiday must be protected if you book a holiday with a single travel firm that includes:

    • Flights and accommodation (including a cruise), or
    • Flights and car hire, or
    • Flights, accommodation and car hire.

    ATOL protection does not apply to all holiday and travel services listed on this website. Please ask us to confirm what protection may apply to your booking. If you do not receive an ATOL Certificate then the booking will not be ATOL protected. If you do receive an ATOL Certificate but all the parts of your trip are not listed on it, those parts will not be ATOL protected. Please see our booking conditions for information, or for more information about financial protection and the ATOL Certificate go to: www.atol.org.uk/ATOLCertificate

  • Check-in

  • We recommend check-in time for long-haul routes is 3½ hours, or 2½ hours if you are travelling via the UK or Europe. It is advisable to check which terminal your flight is departing from BEFORE leaving home. Aer Lingus, Etihad Airways, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and US Airways operate from Terminal 2 Dublin Airport while all other airlines operate from Terminal 1 Dublin Airport including Air Transat and Air Canada.

    Note: Code share flights - A codeshare agreement is an aviation business arrangement where two or more airlines share the same flight. A seat can be purchased on one airline but is actually operated by a cooperating airline under a different flight number or code.

    Where can I find information on my Flight times and Check-in Requirements?

    When you receive your travel documents, please check the flight numbers and timings on your itinerary. Alternatively you can check online with the Airline directly using your Airline locator and family name Your Airline locator can be found both on the invoice or Travel Document Itinerary.

    Can I pre-assign seats for my flights?

    Most airlines allow seats to be pre assigned together at time of booking free of charge. In the event the airline will not allow us reserve seats together upon bookings most Airlines do have the facility to assign seats during online check-in.

    However British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Air Transat are now charging for the facility to pre assign seats:

    Note: British Airways do have a facility where clients can pre book and pay for seats together outside 25 hours of departure using the “Manage my booking” link on their website. You will be asked for your airline confirmation number and family surname. You can find your flight confirmation number on your invoice or travel documents.

  • What is my Baggage Allowance

  • Checked baggage

    Usually airlines allow 1 free checked bag allowed per person. Any extra checked baggage will incur additional charges, payable at check-in (between $50usd and $70). Please be advised if you are breaking your journey over 24hrs within the United States there will be charges for all checked bags.

    Most normal fare transatlantic airlines allow 23kg.
    Most Business and First class fares allow 32 kg
    Air Transat charter Economy allow 23kg
    Air Transat charter Club class allow 40kg

    Carry-On Baggage

    Allowance for flying to the US/ Canada
    Size restrictions apply with most Transatlantic Airlines similar to Height 56 cm x width 36 cm x depth 23 cm

    Air Transat charter economy class allow 5kg
    Air Transat charter club class allow 15kg

    You can also check your allowance your Airline’s website:

    Delta: http://www.delta.com/
    Virgin Airlines: http://www.virgin-atlantic.com/
    AerLingus: http://www.aerlingus.com/
    British Airways: http://www.britishairways.com/
    US Airways: http://www.usairways.com/
    United Airlines: http://www.united.com/
    Air Canada: http://www.aircanada.com/
    Qantas: http://www.qantas.com.au
    Etihad: http://www.etihadairways.com/
    Emirates: http://www.emirates.com/
    Lufthansa: http://www.lufthansa.com/
    Klm: http://www.klm.com/
    Sas: http://www.flysas.com/
    Austrian: http://www.austrian.com/
    Thai: http://www.thaiairways.com/
    Singaporeair: http://www.singaporeair.com/
    Air Mauritius: http://www.airmauritius.com/ and Hand Baggage
    BMI: http://www.flybmi.com/
    Swiss: http://www.swiss.com/
    Sri Lankan: http://www.srilankan.lk/
    Qatar: http://www.qatarairways.com/
    Aero Mexico: http://www.aeromexico.com/
    Kenya: http://www.kenya-airways.com/
    Gulf Air: http://www.gulfair.com/

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