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Responsible Tourism

  • Our Focus

  • Our primary focus remains providing value for money, quality holidays in some of the world’s most beautiful countries. Like you, we care about the people and places we see on our travels.

  • Our Belief

  • We harbour their belief that people should be able to explore and enjoy the world without harming it based on a commitment to sustainable development. We acknowledge that the success of our business goes hand in hand with the way we treat the environment and people in our featured destinations.

  • Sustainable Travel

  • We continue to work with a range of experts on the ground to protect the places you travel to. In Africa, for example, we work with hotels that support animal welfare and school projects, while our local partner in Sri Lanka, Jetwings has won international awards for their work in education with the Jetwing Youth Development Project.

    We acknowledge, however, that a difference can be made not only with local initiatives abroad but also offering alternative ways to get there. Air travel is inevitably a significant part of our holiday industry and, as such, when flight planning in the near future, we’ll be researching the carbon emissions of the airlines we use in order to give you the information you need to make an informed environmental choice.

    We’re also eager to promote alternative means of travel that will contribute to a more sustainable present and future. Our excursions and add-ons are a prime example. We’ve started looking for tours that are good for communities, promote local culture and traditions and helping to conserve the natural environment.

  • What You Can Do

  • It’s our belief that we should all endeavour to give something back, as well as taking away some incredible memories. Below are some examples of things that you can do to make a positive difference:

    • Visit local markets and restaurants and support the local economy by buying local produce.
    • Be sensitive to the customs and traditions of the local people.
    • Respect habitats and the natural behaviour of the wildlife.
    • Do not buy products made from endangered species.
    • Save water and energy – take a shower rather than a bath, re-use towels, and turn off air-conditioning and lights when you leave your room.
    • Donate a euro to the World Care Fund which supports environmental and community projects around the world.
  • World Care Fund

  • Come on holiday with us and together we’ll do our bit for the planet. The rules are simple - give a pound and we’ll match it.

    The money raised is split between two organisations; World Care Fund and ClimateCare. World Care Fund operates projects that help make up for the impact holidaymakers have on the environment, and look after communities around the world. ClimateCare are experts in emission reduction projects and renewable energy initiatives. What’s more, the projects we fund in partnership with ClimateCare are accredited to a Gold Standard. Find out more about ClimateCare and Gold Standard

    The Travel Foundation

    These are some of the projects we support in partnership with The Travel Foundation, a charity that cares for local communities in our favourite holiday destinations by helping locals set up their own tourism businesses. The Travel Foundation’s work is supported by many leading UK travel companies.

    Find out more about The Travel Foundation

    St Lucia

    The Schools Project called 'Hoops' (Helping Out Our Primary Schools) engaged 670 children and 29 teachers in growing produce. The purpose of this project is to introduce the next generation of potential farmers to horticulture skills at a young age, which is especially important in the Caribbean, where an ageing farming population and a reliance on imports is putting pressure on the future of the agriculture industry.


    The Travel Foundation began working in Tobago in 2004, setting up and funding projects that demonstrate how tourism can have a positive impact on local people, culture and the environment.

    Tobago traditionally had a thriving agricultural economy, but is no longer self-sufficient in food. Much of the produce consumed by the tourism industry is imported from Trinidad, the wider Caribbean and the USA. To tackle this problem the Travel Foundation set up programmes to help local people earn a better living from farming, to encourage them to get more involved with agriculture and to foster links between the agriculture and tourism industries. Click through to read more about the projects

    Sri Lanka

    Building on a pilot project started in 2008, Greening Sri Lanka is an EU-funded initiative which aims to help 350 hotels in Sri Lanka reduce their water and energy consumption and waste production. By providing training materials, workshop and ongoing expert support and advice, the project aims to help hoteliers reduce their water and energy consumption by up to 20%, making significant cost savings and helping to conserve natural resources. View a short video about the project.


    The Travel Foundation has embarked on a new pilot project looking at the sustainability of the floating hotels used for Nile cruises.

    The aim of the project is to investigate ‘greening’ cruising on the Nile. The first step, which took place in summer 2010, was to audit seven of the Nile floating hotels, operated by Spring Tours. Focusing on their environmental management system, the audit concentrated on water and energy conservation and waste reduction.

    Whilst still in the early stages, the ultimate aim is to develop recommendations for river cruising that are applicable to multiple destinations. We’ll report back soon with progress made.

    ClimateCare Projects

    ClimateCare reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases by investing in innovative low carbon technology projects around the world. Here are some of the projects your donations have helped.


    In Zambia, money from the World Care Fund is bringing clean and affordable power to communities, removing their dependence on diesel generators that are expensive and harmful to the environment. The new hydro-powered electricity is reaching schools, orphanages and a local hospital. At the hospital, the power is helping doctors carry out operations day and night, saving lives.

    (Left) Students at Kalene High School, Photo by Gareth Bentley


    The Earth Stove project in northern India, is improving the lives of local people by helping local food stall owners to replace their traditional stoves with Earth Stoves, which are cleaner and cheaper to run.

    Turkey & India

    Carbon offsetting donations are supporting the construction of wind turbines in Turkey and India.

    Sustainable Forestry

    Our brochures are printed on paper which is produced from raw material farmed under the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes from traceable and sustainable sources. The mills have also been awarded ISO14001 and EMAS certificates for environmental management.

    Responsible Tourism

    Travelmood are committed to helping to protect the environment and the local communities in the destinations you travel to with us.

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