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Tanzania Holidays

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Tanzania Travel Guide

Holidays to Tanzania, the largest country in East Africa, typically combine a wildlife safari, perhaps at the famous Serengeti National Park, with time spent relaxing on the idyllic white sands and palm-fringed beaches of Zanzibar islands, an archipelago off the coast. Tanzania is the perfect destination for a beach and safari honeymoon but a visit to Tanzania is not just for newlyweds, it’s a holiday destination with a very special and wide ranging appeal.

Dar-es-Salaam is the largest city, a hustling, bustling and surprisingly scenic tropical seaport that is a common starting point for trips into the country. Safari packages to Serengeti National Park from Dar-es-Salaam feature ‘The Big Five’, those most impressive creatures that all visitors want to see, the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros. The park is also the backdrop to one of the greatest spectacles of animal behaviour on earth, the annual migration of millions of wildebeest and zebra, closely followed by their predators.

Known as 'Spice Island', Zanzibar evokes images of an exotic paradise with white palm-fringed beaches and turquoise coves. Seafarers, explorers and traders, have all been drawn to the Island and it became a major centre for the slave and spice industries. Stone Town, Zanzibar's capital, was built by Arab and Indian merchants in the 19th century from the island's coral stone. A walk through this captivating town through twisting alleys, past intricately-carved wooden doors and beneath ornate balconies, and with the lingering scent of spices in the air, takes visitors to Zanzibar back in time to the days of a prosperous slave and spice industry.  The Anglican Cathedral Church of Christ stands on the site of the old slave market, built by former slaves the church is well worth a guided visit.

Holidays To Tanzania – Top Things To Do

There is so much to see and do in Tanzania and Zanzibar that our travel experts had difficulty coming up with this short list! We create bespoke holiday package to Tanzania and Zanzibar so this is just a taste of what’s on offer. Our Zanzibar and Tanzania travel experts are ready to help you put together the perfect itinerary for your holiday.  Give us a call today.

The Ngorongoro Crater is a breath-taking natural wonder. A deep, volcanic crater, it is the largest unflooded and unbroken volcanic caldera in the world, spanning bout 20kms across, 600 meters deep and 300 sq kms in area. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is home to a high density of game, including the highest concentration of lions in the world. The luxury lodges situated both inside and outside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area make it a very popular safari destination. Ngorongoro is also home to the Masai, the people that have tended the lands in the region for hundreds of years.

Soaring above the tea plantations and low hills of north-eastern Tanzania is Mount Kilimanjaro; at 19,340 feet it is Africa's highest peak. Kilimanjaro is not only Africa’s highest point but is the highest free-standing mountain in the world! Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano and features three volcanic cones, "Kibo", "Mawenzi", and "Shira". A visit to Kilimanjaro National Park is definitely worthwhile.

A vibrant array of colours and spicy scents lure visitors to the bustling Central Market in Stone Town. The numerous stalls are filled with tropical fruits, exotic spices, and brightly coloured khangas (worn by local women). Locals come daily from the surrounding areas to sell their produce, and fishermen display their catch of the day. For an evening snack, head to East Africa's best street market held every night by the waterfront at Forodhani Gardens.

Mafia Island, along with Pemba and Zanzibar form the famous Spice Islands off the coast of Tanzania. While the name is now more synonymous with Italy, shady criminals and glamorous heists, the real riches of Mafia Island lie underwater, in its magnificent coral reef system. Mafia Island is a top diving destination for those in the know, the limited availability of accommodation that ensures peace and tranquillity only adds to the island's appeal. Mafia Island also provides superb opportunities for fishing and swimming with whale sharks.

Tanzania - Beach And Safari Honeymoons

A beach and safari honeymoon to Tanzania combines excitement, adventure and relaxation in some of the world’s most stunning wildlife preserves and beach settings. A good safari is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Nothing quite compares with the first sighting of a wild animal in its natural habitat – it’s a moment that will remain with you forever.

Most couples opt to start their honeymoon on safari, leaving a week or so afterwards to relax on a beautiful beach. A dusty safari into the vast Tanzanian wilderness is superbly complemented by time spent on the refreshing Zanzibar islands, with white palm-fringed beaches, beautiful coral gardens, and historic Stone Town. Allow at least 3 nights to make the most of the safari experience (4 nights are even better) before heading for the warm tropical waters of Zanzibar and the Spice Islands. 

Best Time To Visit Tanzania

Tanzania is a vast country and its sheer size means that the climate varies considerably within it. The main rainy season, or the 'long rains', are in March and April, sometimes into May; you may want to avoid Zanzibar and the coast during these months. The dry season on the Serengeti and in Tanzania’s other wildlife parks is between June and October, this is an excellent time of year for game viewing.

The Great Migration takes a full year to complete a single cycle, but specific events happen at certain times of the year. The mass birthing of calves takes place between January and March in the southern Serengeti, while the dramatic river crossings occur between July and August in the far west. You will need to be in the right place at the right time to catch all of the action.

Tanzania Holiday Offers

The Travelmood team can create a bespoke itinerary for your holiday to Tanzania. Our travel experts have all visited Tanzania and Zanzibar and have personal experience of the safari options, destinations, attractions and tours they recommend. In addition to creating custom holiday itineraries, we have a great selection of beach and safari honeymoon offers to choose from so why not call us today and get your Tanzanian adventure started!



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