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Phnom Penh Restaurants


There is a great variety of restaurants in Phnom Penh, ranging from local cuisine to a burgeoning selection of places catering for the tastes of foreigners. Meal prices range a good deal but in general eating out in Cambodia is not too expensive. The main restaurant areas are the Riverfront, the Wat Phnom area (particularly Street 104), and Street 51; where a busy nightlife means restaurants stay open quite late. However, the more family orientated establishments sometimes close as early as 9pm. If eating out in restaurants all the time is not your style then try the food sections in the markets, or the roadside food carts (the CP carts are particularly good for simple Cambodian variations of fried chicken and the like).

Khmer cuisine is one of the world's oldest living cuisines and is generally considered a healthy cooking tradition. Although things like Prahok, a pungent fermented fish paste used to flavour many Khmer dishes, can be an acquired taste for foreigners, there are very accessible local dishes too. The most beloved of these is the Cambodian national dish, Fish Amok, made with coconut milk, chilies, onion and spinach and served with rice in banana leaves. For the more adventurous there are exciting Khmer staples like deep-fried tarantulas and red tree ants.

Cambodia's colonial history is also still evident, with a French influence making things like baguettes and frog's legs common.

  • Romdeng

    Asian / 74 Street 174

    Romdeng offers traditional Cambodian cuisine and decor at a reasonable price and is situated in a classic colonial-era building. The atmosphere is casual and the food delicious. If you enjoy trying something new then order the tarantulas! The restaurant is run by Mith Samlanh, a local organization working to improve the lives of street children, so it is tasty food for a good cause. There is also free wifi available. The restaurant is open daily from 11am to 9pm. Booking is recommended.

  • Yumi

    Japanese / 29a Street 288

    Yumi is a trendy restaurant and bar which serves Japanese-fusion tapas. The food is creative and delicious and the staff is renowned for friendliness. It is worth the experience, particularly if you like inventive food and Japanese cuisine, but be aware that Yumi is an expensive restaurant and is best for special occasions and entertaining guests or clients. The pork ribs are a great favorite. The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner.

  • Anjali Restaurant & Bar

    Asian / 273b Sisiwath Quay, The Riverside

    Anjali is located on the ground floor of a colonial-era building along Phnom Penh's popular and vibrant riverside. The restaurant offers reasonably priced Western and Asian food in a relaxed atmosphere. It's a good venue to try out local dishes and to get some more familiar meals like bangers and mash and a full English breakfast. It is also a fun place for having a few drinks with friends and watching Cambodian life pass you by. Anjali is open until late every night.

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