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Mexico Holidays

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Mexico Travel Guide

Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to relax and chill out, or somewhere you can go for an action-packed trip, a holiday to Mexico will offer some of the most diverse travel experiences you can hope for.  

Mexico, with its distinct Spanish flavour, screams out romance. It’s a popular spot for destination weddings from Ireland, but it’s often better enjoyed on honeymoon as just the two of you. 

Mexican food is having a moment in Ireland right now but you can be guaranteed our version of their superb and varied food doesn’t do the real thing justice in the slightest. After a day exploring Mexico’s culturally rich cities and its storied history, or a day lounging on any one of its opulent beaches, all you’ll want is a feast, and Mexico won’t leave you disappointed. 

When Is The Best Time To Holiday In Mexico?

As with any destination, you’ve got to time your holiday to Mexico right to get the most out it. While you can expect warm weather almost all year around, there are some things to watch out for.

Although Mexico shares the northern hemisphere with Ireland, its seasons operate a little differently to ours. You can expect the best weather from November to May, while June to October is rainy season. However, the rainy season still averages temperatures of 25 degrees and it’s usually rain showers rather than complete washouts.

In general, you will get much better deals price-wise if you avoid school holiday times. In our experience we have found March to be a bad time. This is the month when American Spring Break takes place and students flock in hoards to Mexico’s beaches. While it’s all in good fun, it might be a little too lively if you’re looking for a quiet, romantic getaway.

5 Unbelievably Romantic Things To Do In Mexico

1.      Lobster Dinner Tour – This is a boat cruise on the Nichupte Lagoon where you’re served a lobster dinner surrounded by breathtaking views at sunset, making for an unforgettably romantic meal. 

2.      Hot Air Baloon over the Teotihuacan Pyramids – There’s no question, this will surely be a once in a lifetime experience to add to your honeymoon. 

3.      Day trip to Isla Contoy – This uninhabited island is a nature preserve and a perfect place to get some alone time in gorgeous surroundings.

4.      Experience Le Blanc Spa – Even if you wouldn’t normally pamper yourselves together, relaxing at one of Mexico’s most luxurious spas certainly won’t do you any harm!

5.      Try Xtabentún (pronounced shta-ben-toon) – Supposedly Mexico’s sexiest alcoholic spirit, a honeymoon in Mexico wouldn’t be complete without trying some cocktails featuring this as the key ingredient.

Mexico Attractions – Making The Most Of Your Holiday

·         A list of Mexico’s attractions that didn’t include its incredible beaches at the top would be doing a disservice to holidays in the country. Cancún, Acapulco and Akumal should all be top of your list if a beach holiday is exactly what you’re looking for.

·         If you want to add some adventure to your beach days, organise to go snorkelling and scuba diving. Mexico’s coastline is filled with beautiful reefs, dolphins, turtles and manatees. You’ll also spot some whale sharks (who thankfully don’t eat meat), if you head for Ista Contoy.

·         Spice up a boat trip by opting for one of the whale-watching variety. The Marieta Islands are famed for their whale-watching, plus you can swim out to the gorgeous secluded beach along the way.

·         If you want an action-packed trip, a holiday to Mexico is a fantastic option. Water sports such as surfing, jetskiing and speedboats are all popular along the coastline but Acapulco Bay is particularly perfect for them. If you prefer to stick to land, head for Guadalajara, Los Cabos or Queretaro to discover unexplored corners of Mexico via quad bike.

·         Squeeze some of Mexico’s extraordinary history into your trip with a visit to the Mayan Ruins. It’s estimated there are over 70,000 ruins across southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras, each giving you a sense of the sophisticated civilization that once lived there. Keep an eye out for the iguanas known to populate many of the ruins!

·         It’s a simple thing, but taking in some Mexican street dancing while you’re there is well worth your while. Mixed crowds of tourists and Mexican families will gather to watch impromptu street dancing from incredibly talented locals. If you’re feeling inspired, you can take yourself into one of Mexico City’s infamous underground dance clubs later in the evening.

Dining And Shopping On Your Holiday In Mexico

You won’t come up short for options when it comes to eating and shopping in Mexico. All of our four and five star hotels feature all-inclusive dining and drinking with a combination of authetic Mexican cuisine and international dishes to keep everyone satisfied. You can also opt to take taxis to small local towns for the real Mexican experience.

Shopping in general is very Americanised and you’ll find plenty of large chain stores you’ll recognise, such as Walmart, but you can always opt to check out the Mexican markets (like, La Lagunilla, La Ciudadela and El Bazaar Sábado) for more authetic opportunities for souvenirs. Don’t come home without some Xtabentun liquor, Mayan chocolate, Taxco silver and some Talavera pottery. 

Best Night Life In Mexico

Mexico, particularly Mexico City, has an impressive and diverse nightlife. There’s something for everyone’s tastes, whether you’re looking for a wild party or just somewhere with a nice atmosphere to spend the evening. The party starts early in Mexico with pre-drinks being common, continuing, in some cases, on until sunrise if you want it to! We recommend:

·         CoCo Bong in Cancún offers a really fun night out. It’s a night club with tribute stage shows, not limited to Spiderman, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Lenny Kravitz. There are lots of different performers each night and the costumes are something to behold.

·         El Squid Roe in Cabo San Lucas is not to be missed if you’re a party person looking for a wild club night so you can dance until dawn.

·         Avenida Revolucion in Tijuana is a little more relaxed. It’s got a street party atmosphere with dozens of pubs/clubs along the way to suit all manner of tastes.

·         Acabar Salsa Club in Tulum is a really great spot for dancing. It’s got a great ambiance and is perfect if you’re feeling brave enough to recreate the Mexican street dancing from earlier.

·         Andromeda in Acapulco is for those looking for something a little higher brow. It’s a classy nightclub and you shouldn’t leave without trying some of their speciality drinks.

Festivals And Special Occasions You Won’t Want To Miss In Mexico

 If you plan your trip right, you might be able to take advantage of some of Mexico’s big festivals and special occasions, which will really give you a sense of the vibrant culture around the country.

·         Cinco de Mayo on May 5th is probably Mexico’s biggest holiday. There are parades, street performances and Mariachi music across the country, commemorating the Mexican army’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

·         September 16th marks Mexico’s Independence Day and because Mexicans love to party, they start celebrating the night before. There are formal ceremonies like the ringing of the National Palace Bell and the National Military Parade, and countless music concerts on across the country. Be ready with some traditional tequila to party.

·         On November 1st, Mexicans celebrate the Day of the Dead (or more aptly, the Night of the Dead). It’s one of the cultural highlights of the year in Mexico, with parades, fancy dress street parties and incredible firework displays. You can expect plenty of colour and chaos and if you’re not too spooked, there’s usually graveyard celebrations after dark.

·         Hotels across Mexico run events for all major world holidays, like Saint Patrick’s Day, New Year’s Day, and Easter etc.) and in particular, they go all out for American Independence Day on the 4th of July every year.

·         All major global sporting events are also usually shown in hotels, often complete with themed lead-ins for events like the Superbowl, World Series, Premier League etc.

Useful Tips For A Holiday In Mexico

Some quick tips you need to know before you holiday in Mexico:

·         Market shopping is cheap, but don’t be afraid to haggle to get the best price.

·         Don’t drink the water! This also means don’t drink the ice, so do make sure to check if your ice is made with purified water!

·         A little bit of Spanish goes a long way with the locals.

·         Mexican pesos (currency) are represented by the $ sign but the peso is worth far less than the US dollar. It’s about 15 pesos to US$1, and 17 pesos to €1 (exchange correct as of May 2015).

·         Mexico does have a high-crime rate, but tourists have little to be concerned about. The beaches, resorts and ruins are some of the safest in the world, so don’t worry.

·         Don’t forget to bring a North American plug adapter so you can keep your phone and camera charged. 

·         Under no circumstances should you ever eat the worm in the tequila bottle!



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