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Kuta Restaurants


On holiday in Kuta, you can find anything from Japanese sushi to Wiener schnitzel, pizza to paella, and enchiladas to espedata. Sometimes the taste is not quite original because these international favourites have been adapted to suit local tastes and ingredients. If you want to play it safe stick to McDonald's or Pizza Hut! Kedin's Cafe is the place to go to sample local Indonesian cuisine though, and Mojo's Flying Burritos offers California-style Mexican food and margaritas by the pitcher. Some visitors like to brave the rather primitive little roadside foodstalls, 'Warungs', to sample local cuisine like Bakso soup, or pick a 'padang', which is a 24-hour diner displaying a dozen or so different dishes in a glass box at the door where you can sample them all for just a few US dollars. Be warned that wherever you dine, wine (and beer) is very expensive; try locally produced versions which are better value than the familiar imports often enjoyed by tourists.

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