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Khao Sok Holidays


Khao Sok Travel Guide

Take a break from dozing on the glimmering sands of Thailand's many beaches and explore the verdant jungle surrounding Khao Sok. We love feeling the mist of the rainforest clinging to our skin as we stand next to soaring limestone cliffs broken by rushing, tumbling waterfalls. Hike the trails following the river to serene, island-studded lakes and listen to the sounds of nature calling around you.

Highlights Of Khao Sok

Khao Sok National Park

Alive with the sounds of the jungle, Khao Sok National Park is one of Thailand's premier rainforest reserves. Colourful hornbills fly throughout the emerald canopy, wild elephants roam freely, and you can hear the gibbons calling from the treetops.

Sok River

Spend a blissful day bamboo rafting or tubing down the Sok River. Limestone cliffs jut from beyond the river shores, covered in dense jungle. Take in the stunning scenery of the surrounding forest while listening to the chatter of monkeys and the call of birds.

Chow Larn Lake

Chow Larn Lake nestles within majestic limestone mountains rising hundreds of metres above its luminous waters. The area offers a host of activities, from boating to canoeing to trekking. Wake to the sounds of the surrounding rainforest and hear the calls of the gibbons. Visit the caves around the lake or stay overnight in one of the floating bungalows hovering above its clear depths.


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