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Kenya Holidays

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Kenya Travel Guide

Kenya sits at the centre of the African safari experience, with an outstanding variety of animal, plant and bird life and no shortage of opportunities to see the ‘Big Five’ game animals in the wild. Most holidays to Kenya include a safari, they are understandably its greatest attraction, however, Kenya is a country of great diversity with much more to offer than impressive wildlife. Essentially Kenya is a holiday destination for outdoor living - the coast offers beaches and water-based activities, the mountains present a challenge to hikers and climbers, and the rolling plains of the National Parks are a game viewers paradise. The people are friendly and interesting and the combination of wildlife, beaches and mountains make Kenya a fantastic holiday destination.

From its central location, the sacred peaks of Mount Kenya reign over a landscape primarily covered by grasslands and thorn trees, much of it enclosed within Kenya’s many national parks and wildlife reserves. To the west, the spectacular Great Rift Valley is dotted with lakes, which attract a spectacular variety of colourful birdlife. To the east lies the promise of an idyllic beach holiday with palm-fringed stretches of powdery white sand and pristine coral reefs.

A variety of tribal cultures exists throughout Kenya, making it a great destination for cultural encounters. Inhabiting the highlands and Rift Valley are two of the most well-known tribes, the Kikuyu farmers and the tall, red-clad Masai cattle herders. The coast is home to ancient Swahili civilisations and old port towns that are rich in a history of exotic spice trading. With more than 40 different tribal groups, each following its own unique way of life, visiting any tribal village is an unforgettable experience.

Kenya has a sophisticated tourism infrastructure, with the two major cities of Nairobi and Mombasa central to the tourism trade. Nairobi, the capital, is the safari and hiking hub, situated in the cool Central Highlands, while on the east coast the hot and humid trading port of Mombasa is the gateway to the resorts and pristine beaches of the area.  

Holidays To Kenya - Top Things To Do

Experience the magic of the Masai Mara. Kenya's most popular wildlife park is named after the distinctive Maasai tribe. The Masai Mara stretches to the north from Tanzania’s Serengeti Plains. Safari holidays to Masai Mara are popular because it is one of the best places in Africa to see lion, leopard and cheetah in the wild. It is also famous for the annual wildebeest migration and dramatic crossing of the crocodile-infested Mara River.

Diani Beach on the Indian Ocean, 30 kilometres south of Mombasa, is the perfect location for a relaxing break by the sea. Diani beach is a ten kilometre stretch of pristine white sands and warm waters. It was the winner of Africa's Leading Beach Destination at the World Travel Awards 2014, 2105 and 2016. TripAdvisor has also ranked Diani beach in the top 25 beaches in the world.

Visit Lamu, Kenya's oldest inhabited town and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the best-preserved Swahili settlements in East Africa. The unhurried way of life has changed little over the centuries. Part of the Lamu Archipelago, Lamu town (on Lamu Island) is reached by boat from the mainland. The narrow, winding streets are crowded with pedestrians, markets, vendors and donkeys. Lamu's historic Arab houses feature intricately carved doors and lintels, and mosques decorate the streets of one of the last remaining Swahili towns.

A dhou is a traditional Arab sailing boat. The perfect spot for a little romance as you feast on delicious seafood and watch the moon rise over Mombasa's old harbour. These beautiful floating restaurants also offer lunchtime cruises, if you are lucky there may even be music and dancing on the deck.

Kenya - Beach And Safari Honeymoons

Celebrate your married life together with a little adventure. A honeymoon safari will not disappoint. Imagine the excitement of setting out at dawn on safari across the plains of the Masai Mara, full of anticipation and in spectacular surroundings. Nothing quite compares with the first sighting of a wild African animal in its natural habitat – it’s an experience that will remain with you forever.

Most couples start their honeymoon on safari. After the dust and adventure of the Kenyan savannah, it is nice to leave a week or so afterwards to relax on a beautiful beach. A honeymoon safari to Kenya is easily combined with a beach holiday to Zanzibar, where couples can relax and enjoy more quality time together on the white sands and in the warm, crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Allow at least 3 nights to make the most of the safari experience (4 nights are even better) before heading for the warm tropical waters of Zanzibar and the Spice Islands.

Best Time To Visit Kenya

The best time to go to Kenya on safari is between January and the end of March; the climate is mild, mostly dry and game viewing is at its peak. It is during these months that most Kenya safari destinations are deemed to be at their best.

In Kenya, the dry season from late June to October is also a good time for viewing wildlife. If the wildebeest migration is something you want to witness, bear in mind that it reaches the Masai Mara in July and remains there until October when they move back to the Serengeti in Tanzania.

Kenya Holiday Offers

The Travelmood team includes several destination experts who can create a bespoke itinerary for your safari holiday to Kenya. Our travel experts have all visited Kenya and Zanzibar and have personal experience of the safari options, destinations, attractions and tours that they recommend. As well as creating custom holiday itineraries, we have a great selection of beach and safari honeymoon offers to choose from so why not call us today and get your Kenyan adventure started!



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