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Ho Chi Minh City Restaurants


The flavours one experiences when dining out in Ho Chi Minh City will linger on the palate long after you've finished eating. Vietnamese cuisine makes use of the freshest ingredients, ensuring a taste sensation every time. Dishes are anchored around herbs such as lemongrass, mint, Vietnamese mint, long coriander and Thai basil leaves with lean, healthy meat like pork, chicken, fish, and various kinds of seafood. Fish sauce and soy sauce are used to season dishes instead of salt.

Visitors will be able to enjoy a wide array of restaurants specialising in cuisines from all over the globe peppered along the streets of Ho Chi Minh City. With everything from French and Italian to good old American burgers and fries, travellers will find something to suit their taste.

Some of the best areas for dining out in the city are round the Ben Thanh Market where some of the best local fare can be samples, including dishes like mien ga (vermicelli, chicken, and mushrooms in a broth-like soup) and the Vietnamese staple, pho (noodle soup). Dine on a riverboat while you float along the Saigon or grab your meal on the go from one of the city's popular street vendors - the choices are endless!

  • Pho 24

    Local / 358 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7

    Serving some of Ho Chi Minh City's finest pho, Pho 24 is a popular chain restaurant serving up Vietnam's staple for a number of years. The choices aren't that exciting, but meat lovers will enjoy the pho with beef fillet and fat brisket, or pho with chicken, while vegetarian options are available too. Open for lunch and dinner.

  • Al Fresco's

    American / 27 Dong Du, District 1

    For travellers who are feeling a little homesick, Al Frescos offers good old America fare that most western visitors will enjoy. From ribs, burgers and pizzas to tex-mex, steaks and fries with lashings of ketchup, Al Fresco's has it all. Open daily for breakfast lunch and dinner.

  • Lemongrass

    Asian / 4 Nguyen Thiep St, District 1

    With local cane furniture and low lighting and three storeys to choose from Lemongrass makes the perfect location for a romantic dinner in Ho Chi Minh City. Its lunch menu's not bad either. This eatery has been serving local Vietnamese fare to visitors and locals for years and comes highly recommended. Serving healthy and light dishes, the menu is varied, incorporating seasonal flavours and ingredients and catering to all tastes. Try the soup or spring rolls and the deep-fried prawn in coconut batter - delicious! Open daily for lunch and dinner.

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