St.Lucia holidays – top tips from our travel experts

St.Lucia holidays – top tips from our travel experts

St.Lucia holidays – top tips from our travel experts

Palm-fringed beaches, crystal clear waters, the majestic Piton Mountains and endless waterfalls, it’s no wonder St. Lucia’s striking beauty draws visitors from across the world. The island’s modern resorts, tropical climate and welcoming atmosphere make this island one of the Caribbean’s most popular. In this blog, our Travelmood travel expert Sarah shares her St. Lucia holidays travel tips to help you craft the perfect holiday.

When to visit St. Lucia

St Lucia’s tropical climate makes it an ideal location for year-round sunshine and warm weather. However, there are some periods during the year that experience some rainfall and winds. June to November has a warm, moderate temperature but you can expect the odd downpour of rain.St. Lucia holidays

The best time to visit St. Lucia is between December and April. This is the dry season with temperatures reaching up to 30°C.


St Lucia is a food lovers’ paradise. The menu in St Lucia is bursting with colour and vitality, from the fresh seafood that is brought inland from locals each day to the delicious fruit and vegetables grown on the island. St. Lucia’s famous Green Fig and Saltfish dish is not to be missed! Green Figs, also identified as green bananas, are boiled or stewed and served with salt fish. This is often enjoyed as a breakfast meal. The Caribbean is also famous for its incredible rums, that are exported from near and far. Pair your meal with this sweet spirit for a real St. Lucia experience.

Pigeon Island National Park

Pigeon Island National Park is situated in Gros Islet in the northern part of St. Lucia. The small island served as an outpost for the British during the Napoleonic wars.

This park is one of the most popular St. Lucia holidays attractions. Travellers must visit this park, if not for the history but for the views over the ocean! Visitors can reach Pigeon Island National Park by boat or by walking across the sandy causeway.

Go snorkelling and scuba diving

St. Lucia is a great place to explore the ocean. The island is one of the most scenic and naturally rich locations to scuba dive and snorkel in the Caribbean. Its magnificent beaches, clear waters and vast array of sea creatures make it a relaxing and unique experience that you will never forget. Beginners can also check scuba diving off their bucket lists with a scuba diving school on the island. Professional instructors are always on hand to help make your experience even more spectacular.

Visit Castries – St. Lucia holidays

Castries is the capital of the island with plenty of sites to see. If you like history, make sure to visit the historical site of the La Toc Battery, its cathedral, and the central library. St. Lucia holidays

The weekly market in Castries is also great to explore during your St. Lucia holidays. This is a large market where the vendors welcome visitors and are more than happy to tell them about their products. The market is lively and has lots of interesting things to look at and to buy; including baskets, mahogany statues and souvenirs. A visit to Castries is always a fantastic day out.

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