Food in Mexico

June 9, 2015
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Food in Mexico

Food in Mexico

Learn more about food in Mexico and traditional Pescador restaurants

Orlagh has loved Mexico, and its spicy wholesome cuisine, for as long as she can remember. As well as eating in some of the country’s finest hotels and restaurants, she’s sampled traditional dishes in the eateries frequented by locals. Here she discusses food in Mexico – where to find the best dishes and her beloved Pescador eateries.

The best food in Mexico

Whether you’re staying at a plush resort or adventuring off the beaten track, you won’t be disappointed with Mexico’s tantalisingly tasty cuisine. The abundance of beautiful five star hotels in Cancun, each boasting fabulous restaurants, make it a firm favourite with holiday-makers. Here, you will be spoilt for choice with the wide array of delicious dishes on offer.

When you fancy a break from your resort, check out the more traditional eateries dotted around the city. Ask locals for advice about the best places to dine and top dishes to sample. You’ll be wowed by the aromas and flavours of authentic Mexican food, not to mention the incredible prices!

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Pescador restaurants

One of my favourite types of establishments is the Pescador. Roughly translated it means ‘fisherman’. Pescador eateries can be found all over Mexico and are usually run by fishermen who serve up fresh fish from their daily catch. It’s here you will have your first experience of real traditional Mexican food. Generally speaking the decor, interiors and exteriors are nothing special, but the food most definitely is. The main elements of Mexican food are beans, chilli peppers and corn. Tomatoes, squashes, avocados, cocoa and vanilla are also in great use.

Tortillas, which are a corn based food, feature in almost every meal. Mexican cuisine is typically considered to be spicy. Be armed with the knowledge of the different types of chillies, as these vary from mild to very hot. These are used in cooking to add heat, flavour a dish and increase its spiciness.

Excellent value for money

If you think the taste in the Pescador is good, then wait until you see the rock-bottom prices! We have never experienced such mouth-watering food, especially at such excellent value for money. The first thing you will see in the Pescador is the restaurant kitchen, which is open plan. Most of the time this will open onto the backyard, which is covered with canopies. There is no menu – they basically serve up the catch of the day Mexican style with beans, rice and salad, and you have a choice of water, fizzy drinks or beer to drink.

The service isn’t five star and the food is not served on china, but the fish is the freshest you will ever taste. No airs and graces here, the place is populated with locals and you will get a real taste of the Mexican lifestyle. The friendly and buzzing atmosphere makes you feel like you’re at an intimate family meal.

So, if you are planning a trip to Mexico then please take my advice and make sure you visit a Pescador. Your taste buds will thank you for it!

Orlagh Hogan

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