Cruise Holidays

April 17, 2015
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Cruise Holidays

Cruise Holidays

Find out 5 reasons to go on a cruise this year

Have you been taken with the cruise revolution? Gone are the days when cruise holidays were only associated with the very wealthy or those with plenty of time on their hands. Today, a wide variety of people are taking to the seas and exploring the globe from the comfort of a luxury ship. Astrid knows all about the perks of cruising no matter what your budget or interests are. Here, she outlines her top 5 reasons to go on a cruise for your next holiday.

Value for money

The main advantage of choosing a cruise is value for money. You pay a set price straight off the bat and can relax in the knowledge that the bulk of your spending is done then and there. Some people even choose to pre-book meals so that they don’t have to splash the cash on board. I always find myself struggling to spend the money I bring along with me.

Reasons to go on a Cruise

Variety of destinations

Hotel-based holidays can’t compete with the excitement of a cruise. Waking up in a different location every day really is an unbeatable experience. Imagine falling asleep in vibrant Miami and waking up in the easy-going Bahamas. You can choose an itinerary to suit your interests and dream destinations.

Stress-free option

Travelmood cruises are planned extensively in advance, taking the hassle out of your getaway. You get to experience numerous cultures and destinations without months of stressful organisation. Our experts research each destination in great detail and offer advice about how to make the most of your days on land. Exciting excursions are planned at every stop allowing you to take in the sights and sounds without an ounce of effort. Your main concern will be which cocktail to choose next!

Child friendly holidays

With a host of child-friendly activities on board, cruises are a really great option for families. You can relax in the knowledge that your little ones are kept entertained while you can soak up the sun on the top deck. Cruising is also a great way of introducing children to new cultures and helps to open their eyes to new ways of life.

Cruise Holidays for Families

Meet new people

You’ll be as taken with the amazing people you meet on board as with the incredible destinations themselves. Cruises are a fantastic way of making new friends. Unlike traditional holidays, on a cruise you are very likely to bump into the same people time and time again. With singles functions organised throughout the cruise, solo travellers are also catered for.

So there you have it, my top five reasons to go on a cruise. Not to mention only having to pack once – a definite advantage! Choose a cruise for your next getaway and I promise you won’t regret it.

Astrid Johnson

From luxury cruises to romantic honeymoons and fun-filled family getaways to adventurous safaris, Travelmood is your go-to holiday provider. Our experts take the time and care to fully understand your needs and plan your dream getaway. Book a trip away with Travelmood and be guaranteed a fun-filled, stress-free holiday you’ll never forget.

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