Borneo Foods – Eat like a local in Borneo

Borneo Foods – Eat like a local in Borneo

Borneo Foods – Eat like a local in Borneo

In this week’s blog we list the must try Borneo foods…

Borneo, the largest island in Asia, really packs a punch when it comes to authentic and one of a kind food. Claiming the title of the third largest island in the world, Borneo and its cuisine are unique and eating what the locals eat will broaden your palette like never before.  Our Travelmood travel expert Denise was lucky enough to visit this fascinating destination. Read on as she shares the best Borneo foods and tips for how to eat like a local.

Bubur Ayam

If it’s a fry that you’re after then you’ve come to the wrong place! Breakfast dishes in Borneo are more typical to lunchtime in the western world so make sure you come to the table hungry. The most popular Borneo breakfast dish is Bubur Ayam. Containing rice, shredded chicken, scallions, shallots, salted vegetables, celery, soybeans, Chinese crullers and soy sauce, a bowl of this will certainly set you up for the day!

Laksa – Borneo Foods

Laksa is an extremely popular spicy noodle broth which can be found right across Malaysia. Borneo has its own version of this, Sarawak Laksa, which, unlike standard Laksa, omits curry from its recipe. This delicious meal contains a variety of ingredients, including chicken strips and prawns, and offers a sweet and savoury taste.

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Kueh Chap

Not for the faint hearted (or vegetarians) Kueh Chap is a herbal broth containing pork intestines, pork meat, pork belly, boiled egg and fried tofu. Enjoy it with a side of rice flakes or a bowl of rice. This hard-core dish has also been known to contain pork skin, pork tongue and pork ears – a dream for meat lovers.

Kuih Cincin

For those of you with a sweet tooth you will love Kuih Cincin, a traditional biscuit which is crunchy and sweet. When creating these sweet treats, the batter is double dipped and fried, resulting in a very crispy exterior. A delicious dessert option!

Borneo Street Food

During your trip to Borneo, a jaunt to Sabah for the tasty street food is a must! Pay a visit to a street market and you will be greeted with fresh seafood, meats and fruits. The Lido Square Food Centre is a foodie’s dream with endless stalls serving hot and cold meals. If you have had enough of noodles, why not grab a freshly baked bun with your choice of fillings. Then pull up a seat in the centre of the market and indulge in some people watching!

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May 28, 2016
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