Barbados Points of Interest

Barbados Points of Interest

Barbados Points of Interest

Discover top Barbados points of interest

Barbados is a firm favourite among Irish travellers thanks to its world-class resorts, buzzing nightlife and year round sunshine. Dubbed ‘the pearl of the Caribbean’, Barbados boasts fantasy like beaches and stunning underground caverns. Of course, it’s not all sand and sea, this Caribbean hotspot has a lot to offer when it comes to sites. In this blog, our Travelmood travel expert Orlagh lists her top Barbados points of interest.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Located in St. Peter deep in the local woods, Barbados Wildlife Reserve is a great way to spend a few hours. Home to the cheeky Barbadian Green Monkey, as well as a large selection of reptiles and birds, you’ll be sure to make lots of new animal friends!

barbados points of interest

Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s Cave in St. Thomas is one of Barbados’ most famous sites. This beautiful underground cave is testament to Mother Nature’s force. Streams of clear water run through the cave, which is adorned with stalagmites and stalactites. It’s also home to a stunning waterfall and an information-filled visitor’s centre.

Gull Hill Signal Station

This is a great spot for taking in some of Barbados’ breath-taking views. Built in 1818, this signal station was used as a communication point for sick British soldiers. Visit Gull Hill Signal Station on a clear day and you will be rewarded with the perfect photo backdrop. You can even have a bite to eat, as the old military kitchen has since been turned into a snack bar.

Ju Ju’s Beach Bar

Regularly named as one of the best beach bars in the world, Ju Ju’s Beach Bar in St. James is one of Barbados’ best kept secrets – so well kept in fact that it can be difficult to find. If you are lucky enough to locate it then you can look forward to an evening filled with delicious rum and freshly caught fish.

barbados points of interest

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October 15, 2016
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