A Dubai stay and cruise package lets you honeymoon in style

A Dubai stay and cruise package lets you honeymoon in style

A Dubai stay and cruise package lets you honeymoon in style

Our expert explains how to honeymoon in style with a Dubai stay and cruise package

If you are in the midst of wedding plans then you would be forgiven for letting the honeymoon get lost in the madness. Make sure your honeymoon is a priority for you and book something which will leave you with lasting memories. In this blog, our Travelmood travel expert Orlagh explains why a Dubai Stay and Cruise package is the perfect option for a romantic and unforgettable honeymoon or mini-moon…

Cruising in the United Arab Emirates is truly something special. As a holiday destination, the UAE has the perfect mix of interesting culture, delicious food and famous service. Choosing a Dubai stay and cruise package allows you to visit various parts of this destination, all the while enjoying top class service on board a luxury cruise liner.


Start your adventure by spending a few nights in a 4* or 5* hotel in beautiful Dubai. If you like to shop then you will love this part of the world. Whether its luxury shopping malls selling designer goods or quaint markets trading local produce, you will find something to suit your tastes. Dubai’s blend of old and new makes it a really unique destination.

Once you board your cruise ship you can chill out and look forward to experiencing 7 nights of pure relaxation, during which you will stop off at a number of fascinating destinations.


One such destination is Khasab, which has been frequently dubbed the ‘Norway of Arabia’ thanks to its stunning views filled with fjords and crystal clear waters. Visit Bassa Beach and relax on the clean sands or take a dolphin tour with one of the locals.

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Abu Dhabi

Upon docking in Abu Dhabi, you may feel like you’ve entered another world. The breath-taking skyscrapers and luxury hotels are a far cry from the mosques and bazaars which you might have got used to seeing. Thrill seekers should head to ‘Ferrari World’ for a ride on the Formula Rossa – the fastest roller coaster in the world.


The final stop on your cruise (before your return to Dubai) will be Muscat, one of the Middle East’s oldest cities. Muscat, home to long stretches of sandy beach, boasts a relaxed energy. This stunning city is steeped in tradition and the low rise buildings are testament to this. A must-see is Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque – a mesmerising piece of Islamic architecture.

As you can see, a Dubai stay and cruise allows you to experience all that the UAE has to offer, as well as getting to experience a holiday on board a cruise liner. Want to find out more? Check out this our cruises section or contact one of our Travelmood travel experts.

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